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  • How to Manage Money from Your Side Hustle

    Full-time, 9-to-5 jobs generate steady income that’s easy to predict and track. If you decide to pursue your passion and turn it into a side business, you’ll have extra money coming in e...
  • How to Save Money on Your Kids’ Expensive Extracurricular Activities

    With school back in session, your kids are probably eager to enroll in extracurricular activities. You want them to be involved in the clubs, sports, or music lessons of their choice—after...
  • How to Get Your Finances in Order After Buying Your First Home

    Homeownership is something many individuals, couples, and families aspire to. If you just bought your first house, congratulations! Your money is now going toward building equity instead of ...
  • What Happens After You File for Bankruptcy?

    If you’re swimming in debt and looking for a fresh start, declaring bankruptcy has probably crossed your mind. Just be aware that bankruptcy isn’t an “easy way out.” It may be better...
  • How to Prepare for a Financial Emergency

    While you can’t predict emergencies by their very nature, there are certain things you can do to prepare for if and when one comes your way. Financial emergencies are actually easier to pr...
  • How to Prepare for a Big Life Event with a Budget

    Many of life’s big events will stick in your memory forever, but the problem is that many of these same events can cost quite a lot of money. Planning ahead can help you prepare for a big ...
  • The Top Five Factors That Contribute to Your Credit Score

    Whether you like it or not, playing the credit score game is sometimes necessary to get the things that you want in life. Even if you have enough money to make major purchases like a home or...
  • Four Brilliant Money Moves to Make in Your 30s

    Getting your finances in order has always been a good idea, but it wasn’t until the debut of Cardi B that “makin’ money moves” became a thing. While she may have ended up being a one...
  • Key Differences Between Credit Unions and Banks

    Managing your finances can be confusing. In fact, even knowing where to store your money can seem like a quandary, especially if you are new to banking. You may have heard people talking abo...
  • How to Invest When You Have No Idea Where to Start

    Are you interested in investing? Whether you’re saving for retirement, college for your kids, a vacation home, or something else entirely, investing is a great way to create wealth. The on...

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