Same Heart, Same Values

Exciting news!

GCS Credit Union is excited to announce our new name, Revity Credit Union!

First and foremost, thank you for being a member of GCS Credit Union! Please know this has been a deliberate process and we deeply respect our roots. Honoring our history is important to us, and this revitalization will help bridge the past and future while connecting to our entire 18-county field of membership. We are so excited to usher in this new chapter with you. Our name change will officially take place on July 1.

While you will see our new name and look, please know that our values and mission have not changed. The same great people will be here to serve you just as they have always done. Our philosophy will always be about YOU, our members. We are proud to be the neighborly credit union you have come to know for over 80 years.

Same heart, Same values!



Keith Burton
[email protected]


Listen to our rebranding podcast episode with GCRX Radio here:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the name Revity mean?  It is a combining of words that we feel identifies us and our future. Revitalization with integrity, longevity, positivity, community, and accountability. We feel that this perfectly represents our direction for the future.
How does the new logo represent the steel industry?  The new logo represents our past through color selections (steel, copper) and the design of Revity and how it is spelled out. The lettering was deliberately designed to appear like steel beams.
Why did you choose the name Revity?  Revity is the name that stood out with focus groups that were held between membership, Board of Directors, and employees. We feel that it perfectly represents our direction for the future.
Will my checks still work?  Absolutely! You may continue to use your checks as normal. 
Will I get a new debit and credit card?  You may continue to use your current debit and credit card. Stay tuned for more detailed information about new cards.
Will the new branch in Edwardsville be the headquarters?  Our Maryville Road office in Granite City will remain our headquarters as it always has! 
How will the name change impact the Credit Union?  We believe the new name will bring a positive impact to the Credit Union with continued growth and expansion into the 18 counties we serve.
What changes will members see at the branches and with products & services?  You will still see the same great employees. The signage will be changing, but our vast array of products & services will still remain.
Did you get bought out by another bank or credit union?  No, this is not a merger or acqusition. We are simply rebranding with a new name.
What about automatic payments I have set up through my checking account?  You will only need to update automatic payments in which you have used your debit/credit card number, when you receive a new card. If you used your account & routing number, you will not need to update that.
My paycheck is automatically deposited. Do I need to notify my employer of the name change? No. Your routing and account number will remain the same, therefore your direct deposit will not change.
Will the mobile banking app change? Will I need to download it again?  Yes, our mobile app will change. We will communicate with membership to ensure everyone downloads the new app.
Will there be a new website?  Yes. The new website,, will go live on July 17. The old website will forward to the new one for several months after the change.