Switch to GCS Credit Union

We hope that, having read through our site, and learning all the many benefits that accompany membership with GCS, you're ready to make the switch! If it's time to say goodbye to your mega-bank chain and team up with the Metro East community, use our simple switch kit. We've made it easy to move your accounts, direct deposits, and bill payments.

1. Move Your Direct Deposits

When moving a direct deposit, you'll need to contact the party from which you receive your payment. Here's the information you'll need:

  • Your new GCS account number
  • The GCS routing number: 281076853
  • Indicate whether the direct deposit should go to savings or checking

2. Change Your Automatic Payments

If you have payments coming directly from your old checking or savings account, you'll need to switch those over to your new GCS account. You have a couple different options:

GCS Bill Pay

Here you can manage all your bills and payments online — anytime, anywhere. Simply log on to PCU and click Bill Pay. Follow the simple online instructions there to get started.

Automatic Withdrawal

Contact the party to which you owe payment, and update your account information with them. You'll need your new GCS account number and the GCS routing number.

GCS Debit Card

You may choose to pay your bills online through each of your service provider's websites. Use your new GCS check card number to make payments from your checking account. If you have automatic payments set up with your old check card number, you must update that information with your new GCS check card.

3. Verify Checks Written or Online Bill Payments Scheduled

Make a list of all checks and online bill payments that will still be coming out of your old account. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your old account for scheduled payments and checks you've written.

4. Close Your Old Account

Once you've verified that all checks/payments have cleared, and your automatic deposits and withdrawals have successfully transferred to your new GCS account, you should close your old account. Contact your old financial institution and follow their procedure to close your account.

Once you've finished…congratulations! You've made the switch to GCS, and we thank you. Should you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact a GCS Member Service Representative at (618) 797-7993, or stop by your local branch.